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Thermasafe Insulation Accessories

ThermaSafe insulation accessories are manufactured from high quality material and tested to meet the industrial requirement. The design and ingenuity of these products reflects our mission: to provide high quality material transforming the challenges into practical solutions using science, research, and technology. ThermaSafe Insulation Accessories comprises of capacitor discharge opper coated insulation weld pins, self-locking washer, dome cap washer, aluminum tape, fiberglass tape and glass cloth.


• Capacitor Discharge Copper Stud Welding Pin
• Stuck up Insulation Pin
• Perforated Base Insulation Pin
• Lagging Cloth
• Silicon Coated Glass Cloth
• Aluminized Glass Cloth

• White Glass Cloth
• Lacing Hook and Washer
• Dome Cap Washer
• Aluminium Glass Cloth Tape
• Aluminium Foil Tape
• White Glass Cloth Tape